I don’t know if I have time to show you a festive version of New Year’s makeup a week before the New Year. The rest of the bloggers have already “reported” by showing more than one image.

Of course, I will try to show you one of my options, and you yourself decide to be on your face on New Year’s Eve or not.

And in order to deprive you of the chance to make excuses in the spirit of: Ol, I cannot repeat the festive version of New Year’s makeup without seeing how you do it, I attach a detailed description to the video tutorial. Hopefully this post will make up for the lack of articles on the New Year theme in the blog, which I do not have time to publish.

By tradition, I can’t just do makeup with the first cosmetics I come across. As a blogger, I am obliged to test new cosmetics so that I can tell you about them later. And the Pupa Sparkling Attitude Christmas collection came in handy.

At the same time, you will learn how you can do eye makeup with one matte shade of eyeshadow and pearlescent one in difficult colors like these. You will also see how much the color of the shadows changes depending on what lies beneath them (read: background). In general, it will be interesting!

New Year’s makeup video tutorial

The first step is to apply the Made to last Sparkling Attitude # 208 pencil to the entire movable eyelid up to the crease. The strokes should be fast, before the pencil has time to harden, since our task is to make a base from it under the shadow.

The second step is to blend the pencil with a synthetic brush. We pay special attention to borders. If you shade them poorly, then the shadows will form spots.

The third step is to apply Pupa Sparkling Attitude Multi-reflection Eyeshadow with your fingers. You may prefer the applicator, but I love how the shadows become oily and obedient under the warmth of the hands. I love the feel of their texture.

Step 4 – recruiting satin eyeshadow Pupa Sparkling Attitude Luminous Eyeshadow on a fluffy brush and paint the outer corner of the eye with circular movements of the hand.

The fifth step is to work with the fixed part of the eyelid.The higher you rise above the sweet century, the more sweeping the movement of your hand. Then the shading will turn out smooth. Do not forget about the movements of the brush to the side if you want to take the shading to the temple.

The sixth step – we bring the lower eyelid pencil and blend with a synthetic brush.

Seventh step – we type the same color of matte shadows that were at the very beginning and fix it with a pencil. Notice how much the shade of the shadows has changed. It differs from the color in the crease of the eyelid in saturation and brightness, and all because there is a dark brown pencil under it.

Eighth step – select the inner corner of the eye compact highlighter Pupa Sparkling Attitude Compact.

The makeup perfectly reveals the chip of the substrate, in this case, the pencil. It can be matte lipstick or gel liner, but the essence does not change. The underlay allows you to limit yourself to the minimum number of products, for example, two refills of the eyeshadow. Therefore, I recommend this option to those who do not have stocks of cosmetics, but have a desire to do interesting makeup.

I hope the information was useful and you still have time to look at my blog, despite the bustle of the New Year!)

List of used products:


Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation and Erborian BB Cream

Pupa Wonder Cover Full Coverage Concealer 2 Light Beige

Pupa Sparkling Attitude Fluid Face Highlighter Radiant Effect

Kiko Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour # 02


Pupa Sparkling Attitude Multi-reflection Eyeshadow

Pupa Sparkling Attitude Luminous Eyeshadow

Automatic Eyeliner Made to last Sparkling Attitude # 208 and # 209

Compact highlighter Pupa Sparkling Attitude Compact


Pupa Sparkling Attitude Lipstick Matt Effect # 002


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