I love Pupa for the new products that are constantly appearing. They update their lines, improving the composition and packaging. This time, the changes affected several products from the Pupa Prime Me line, which are responsible for preparing the skin for applying makeup.

In my work, I always use primers for the face, lips and eyes. They solve several problems at once: durability, relief leveling and comfort.

Pupa Prime Me collection

Prime Me Lip Primer

It is distinguished by a very thin and plastic texture. The lips are literally enveloped by a transparent layer, but without heaviness, as is the case with lip balms.

Due to the content of powdery particles, a tightening effect is created. And thanks to the oil of brown algae, the primer improves the tone of the lips, making them more voluminous.

How to use: Apply a thin layer of primer to lips and wait a minute before applying lipstick.

Price: 800 rub.

PUPA Prime Me Corrective Face Primer Dull Skin

Want a matte and smooth skin effect? Then it’s to the Pupa primer. Based on high-tech silicones, the texture resembles a balm.

A new generation of elastomeric polymers fights against skin imperfections. They help to minimize them, which becomes obvious the first time the primer is used.

Did not cause an allergy. Paraben Free – Oil Free – Alcohol Free.

How to use: shake well before use. Use on the entire face after treatment or immediately on cleansed skin.

Price: 1.300 rub.

PUPA Prime Me Eye Primer

The eye primer is my love. Lately, I’ve gotten tired of the gooey and creamy bases that I wanted to find an under-shadow primer with a very light texture that would cover the eyelids in a thin layer. This one is one of those. Plus, it enhances the color of the eyeshadows and prolongs their durability.

There are no problems with shading, since the eyelid is absolutely matte with a smooth surface. The shadows literally glide, for which the Soft Focus particles are responsible, which minimize the lines of wrinkles.

Price: 650 rub.

So, I consider the Pupa Prime Me collection a success, as it facilitates the process of applying makeup without conflicting with my decorative cosmetics.


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