Today I have plans to show you how to draw arrows with a pencil step by step.

Before you must go back a week where I am schematically showed the structure of the correct arrow.

There, the question arose: what to do when a straight eyebrow in shape, and even an asymmetric eyebrow, does not allow building an arrow parallel to it.

  • The answer is: we apply a brush to the center of the lower eyelid and from it to the outer corner of the eye. This is our guide, which does not depend on the shape of the eyebrows.

And here the fun begins – how to draw arrows with a pencil.

  • First, choose a tough kayal. I told about my preferences in the review “The best kayal for eyes – TOP 6”
  • Second, fix the arrow (drawn in pencil) with dry shadows. Resistance will increase significantly.
  • Thirdly, decide on a brush with which you will blend the edges of the arrow and bring the tail to the temple. Don’t just draw arrows with a pencil, this will complicate the task.
  • Fourth, choose a pencil color. It depends on what the arrows will be: colored or classic black.

Benefits of pencil arrows

You can choose any pencil color and draw burgundy or bright purple arrows. Unlike gel eyeliner, which has a very modest palette, you are unlimited in the choice of color.

The drawing sequence is the same as for drawing ordinary arrows on the eyes.

Against the background of face makeup with painted freckles (exactly how I drew them read here) colored arrows only win. And lipstick perfectly complements the image.

Together, it looks like spring-summer 2019 makeup, doesn’t it?

List of used products:





  • Pupa Summer in LA Matt Shaping Lipstick 002 Spritz


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