I continue to prepare you in advance for the holiday, demonstrating New Year’s makeup with gold glitter on the eyes.

New Year’s version – makeup with gold glitter on the eyes – is not difficult when you have glitter and a special base at hand.

The eyelash glue that we used 8 years ago to keep the glitter on our eyes is a thing of the past. It was replaced by a more gentle product, but no less persistent.

Glitter base will hold glitter of any sizeif you apply it to your eyes with a cotton swab.

  • A finger or brush is great when you need to cover most of the glitter, such as the entire movable eyelid.

But if you need to close the cat arrows with sparkles, then you cannot do without a local application of the base for glitter.

I chose the maximum size of the glitter, with which not everyone will be comfortable.

  • For those who have increased eye sensitivity, I recommend replacing them with finely dispersed glitter. It is not felt in the eyes, but the effect is the same, well, or almost the same.

In general, I gave you an idea, and you do whatever you want with it!)

List of used products:





  • Liquid lipstick NoUBA Millebaci # 7


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