A highlighter is not just a cosmetic product. It is a drug that is addictive.

In whatever version you buy it – crumbly, creamy, compact – you will never have enough!

  • Therefore, before you let it into your life, think – you need it?) I need it as a makeup artist. It takes a lot

I mix them, mix colors, and every time I discover new possibilities of this tool. But for you, as an ordinary user, it is enough to know the following about him.

1. What is a face highlighter

  • Highlight – translated from English means “highlight”
  • This is a tool that takes an active part in the makeup technique – face contouring.
  • Used to highlight specific areas of the face. Which ones, now you will find out.

2. What is a highlighter for?

  • Answer: for beauty – it is unlikely to suit you, but it is he who creates the illusion of healthy and radiant skin. Is it ugly?

3. Where to apply the highlighter

It depends on the task that you set for him.

  • If the goal is makeup for a photo shoot, then it can be applied to all protruding areas of the face: the bridge of the nose, a tick above the lip, cheekbone, on the dimple above the chin (see example here)
  • And also to work out parts of the body. The camera perfectly captures glare in the photo.

Another thing is, you want to know how and where to apply the highlighter in everyday life.

  • Most are limited to two or three areas: the highest point of the cheekbone, under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye.

A rare case when a client asks to apply it to all areas of the face. Many are afraid of the effect of a greasy chin, a shiny nose and a sweaty forehead.

4. How to apply the highlighter correctly

Application depends on the type of highlighter.

  • Highlighter powder it is applied in a thin layer with a wide large brush, with light movements without pressure.
  • Cream highlighter gets along well with beauty blender… He quickly blends the borders and blends the highlighter to match the skin tone.
  • Highlighter – stick applied directly from the stick with point movements, and the borders are shaded with your fingers.
  • Compact dry highlighter loves brushing. The diameter and pile depends on the effect you want to achieve. A soft and barely readable glow can be achieved with a squirrel bristle brush, while a more frank glow can be achieved with a synthetic brush.
  • Liquid highlighter it is most convenient to apply by hand.

5. How to choose a highlighter

It comes in satin and shimmery finishes.

Satin – the most popular. Gives a soft and natural glow. Suitable for every day.

Shimmery (from English shimmer) – creates the effect of a shiny finish due to large sparkles. For this reason, it is part of the evening, not daytime makeup.

Conclusion: a highlighter is a product with endless possibilities. Therefore, in the next article I will reveal 8 popular life hacks of makeup artists

In the meantime, I’m waiting for questions on this topic?


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