Eye care should be tailored to the needs and condition of the skin. For example, circles under the eyes can be associated with closely spaced vessels or hyperpigmentation. If the problem is in the vessels, remedies with venolymphotonics are required to solve it.

It is categorically contraindicated to wipe the skin around the eyes with ice cubes, since the effect of cold provokes a sharp narrowing of blood vessels and an equally sharp expansion, which only aggravates the problem. This area should be cleaned with special means – a gentle tonic or milk, which contains extracts of medicinal plants (chestnut, cornflower and others).

To reduce pigmentation, it is worth using cosmetics with substances that regulate the production of melanin and provide a lightening effect (kojic acid, vitamin C, mulberry extract). Puffiness under the eyes is eliminated with the help of cosmetics with lymphatic components (rhodiol, caffeine).

For deep wrinkles, the most effective proven solution is still injections with botulinum toxin (dysport and botox), which block the muscles of problem areas. Such methods are safe, provided that the procedure is performed by a professional, experienced cosmetologist.

Do not think that the procedure will immobilize the muscles forever – you will periodically have to perform repeated courses. Special substances, namely octapeptides and hexapeptides, penetrate into the deepest layers of the epidermis, gradually relaxing the muscles.

However, such funds require a cumulative effect. In order to get the result instantly provided by injections with the help of a cream, you will need to use the above creams regularly twice a day for at least three weeks in a row.


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