Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadow Duo is not about love at first sight. It all started with hatred, and with what …

The arrival of the Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadow Duo was marked with a red date on the 25 July calendar.

When I opened the parcel, I found cosmetics in cheap baby packaging. Are you serious? Feeling that now I am 5 years old and I am in the department “Cosmetics for princesses”.

OK. Just resigned myself to this fact, the next picture was drawn – a broken refile. Everything was packed well, but the product itself was not compressed securely. You will see why later.

Lime Crime Cosmic / Firefly Superfoil Eyeshadow Duo

I had to work by hand: tamp the shadows with my fingers to bring them back to the refill.

At first I was delighted with the work done, that I was able to return the shadows back “to the house”, but after a while they began to fall asleep. It turned out that the measure was temporary and they only pretended that everything was “ok”.

Therefore, picking up a spatula, the friable substance was mixed into a container for pigments. Now it lies there.

The remaining intact color did not understand what happened to the other and where he suddenly disappeared. I didn’t explain anything to him, I was too angry.

Now about what turned out later.

The trick of the Lime Crime Superfoil Eyeshadow Duo is that it is a compressed pigment.

Hence a completely different method of application: special liquids, a gel base, a sticky base under the eyeshadow – whatever you want, but not a bare eyelid and a dry pigment applied over it.

Lime Crime Lawn / Flamingo Superfoil Eyeshadow Duo

Therefore, it would be better for Lime Crime to sell them in tandem with liquid, otherwise the common man will not see all the beauty. And she is. I’m telling you exactly!

The water won’t give you a ride. Vice versa. It will spoil and will not allow the pigment to open, depriving the color density! Therefore, the post about substrates is at your service “What is a substrate“.

But you know what? My hatred imperceptibly turned into passion. It is difficult to explain in words what is special about them.

Probably an excessive shine, the look of which is mesmerizing.

Minus – the shadows emphasize the relief of the skin of the eyelids, which cannot be said about working with loose pigments.

You can find analogs in shades, do not even doubt it. But it is unlikely that such sparkling and iridescent ones.

Lawn / Flamingo

Cosmic / Firefly

Lawn / Flamingo

How they managed to create such beautiful shadows, I do not know. But the name of the one who is responsible for their creation, I would not divulge.

It took me two months to come to terms with their peculiarities and love them for who they are.

– The main thing is not to crack, I beg you! All the rest does not matter.


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