A flawless image, first of all, lies in a single line between makeup and clothes. Any trifle, seemingly unimportant, can be subtly and elegantly played up, each feature is correctly emphasized. You should take a responsible approach to your style from the very beginning and do not forget about the harmony between all its elements. Today we will look at how to choose the right makeup for clothes of various tones and styles. It is not possible to cover the entire wardrobe of a woman in one article, and therefore we will discuss with you the most important item of a woman’s wardrobe, which in one form or another is found in absolutely everyone. How to choose makeup for a dress?

Makeup for a light business dress

The formal style of a business suit obliges women to wear a discreet, light make-up. Here one should not allow too much, use bright accents, allow playfulness and rich colors. In this case, you can use only muted calm tones. The use of foundation and powder is a must, but remember that they should perfectly match your skin color. Only in this case, the make-up will turn out to be natural, and all minor imperfections of the skin will be successfully masked by means of decorative cosmetics.

The eyelids are best emphasized with shadows that match the color of your eyes. Owners of brown eyes can use a light brown gamut, light eyes – all shades of gray. As for the lips, it is enough to simply emphasize them with a pale pink, peach or caramel gloss. A blush line on the cheekbones is also allowed in this style.

Makeup for an evening dress

For an evening out, you can create a fairly catchy and extravagant makeup. Remember that the main emphasis in makeup should be on either the lips or the eyes. It is unacceptable to emphasize both parts of the face with bright colors. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be not luxurious, but vulgar. Depending on what kind of accent you decide to make (eyes or lips), shadows or lipstick are selected in a rich, deep color, while the other part should remain more muted (bright shadows and transparent gloss on the lips, or neat arrows on the eyelids and bright lipstick) …

Makeup for a cocktail dress

Time for cocktail events fluctuates between 2 and 7 pm. Based on this, make-up should not be exclusively daytime, but also not completely evening. The golden mean is very close – accentuate the lids with eyeliner and cover with shiny pearlescent shadows. Great look with taste – ready!

find the right balance, the eyes can be emphasized with eyeliner and pearlescent glittering shadows.


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