Jubilee of the fair sex, to one degree or another, pays attention to fashion trends. Including new nail art items. Every year, designers in the world of nail service come up with something new and sometimes completely unexpected for us. What has the spring-summer 2017 season in store for us?

Fashion trends of the upcoming season

Colorless manicure

Naturalness is always in fashion, including in the field of nail design. In this matter, 2017 was no exception. Marigolds covered with transparent varnish are still relevant. Only now a small element in the form of stripes, twigs, etc. is added to such a coating.
Quite a stylish and delicate type of manicure, suitable for any situation.


Manicure in this style continues to conquer the hearts of fashionistas. This is the same naturalness, but in pastel colors. When creating such a manicure, as a rule, flesh and soft pink shades are used.

The nude style has also found its admirers. Naturalness, femininity and appropriateness in any situation.

French manicure

An indisputable classic of the genre that has not lost its popularity over the years. Classic pastel and transparent shades have already started to give way to brighter colors in the past seasons. In the coming spring-summer season, this range expands even more, using catchy color combinations. Also in vogue is the contrast of matte and glossy varnish.

Silver and metallic

Metallic shine, which came to us from past seasons, remains popular in 2017. Gold, silver and bronze shades are widely used. It is preferable to apply silver polish to the tip of the nail.

Matte finish

Matte marigolds in the spring-summer 2017 season keep the top lines of popularity. Any color, from pastel to dark or bright.
A combination of matte and glossy coatings in the same shade has also come into vogue. Play in contrast, highlight with a glossy jacket or any simple pattern, and you will definitely not go wrong.

Striped manicure

Stripes in the coming season are also relevant. Moreover, it is not necessary that there are many of them, one is enough. The direction of the strip is preferable to choose vertical or horizontal. The classics of black and white are used here as well. A black stripe on a white base is a fashion trend for spring 2017.


Geometric patterns have already begun to slowly enter our lives, and in the spring-summer season of 2017 they will gain new popularity. Closer to summer, various zigzags, intertwined lines and stripes of contrasting shades will be used in manicure.


The popularity of gradient manicure not only does not give up its positions, but also continues to gain momentum. Color transitions are still at the top of their popularity. The palette of shades is wide enough – from calm and unobtrusive to bright and bold.


A completely unexpected trend awaits us in the new season. This is the effect of a damaged coating that can be observed on the models’ nails. This option is not suitable for scrupulous people, since at first glance it creates the feeling of an imperfect manicure.

Caviar manicure

You’ve probably already heard about this fashion trend. The effect of caviar on nails is achieved through beads, which can be of different colors or sizes. A spectacular volume is created that looks quite fresh.


The trend of the past seasons, which remains popular today. When performing such a manicure, the nails are varnished of a certain color. Moreover, the colors can be either the same palette of shades, or completely different. The number of colors on the fingers of one hand also varies.

Shape and color

Nail shapes: in search of a good option

In the summer season, the trend will be nails of a shape close to natural, there should not be any sharp, square, too long nails.

Well-groomed round nails are the main trend of the season. If you are not a lover of roundness, then there is another option: slightly round the corners of the nails, softening the shape. But whatever shape you choose, remember the main thing – your hands must be healthy and well-groomed.

The length of the nail should ideally be short, again as natural as possible. The medium length nail option is considered ideal for many girls. But we do not recommend growing them very much: this is already the last century.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for creating your own unique summer manicure, and therefore each representative of the fair sex will certainly be able to choose the perfect solution for herself. Do not be afraid to experiment, try something new, unusual, unusual, and you will not go unnoticed.

Fashionable colors for manicure 2017

It is also important to note that covering nails with monochromatic varnishes of different shades is still in vogue in the coming warm season. The most popular will be such tones as burgundy red, green and blue metallic.

Along with the abundance of fashion trends, pay attention to the structure of the varnish. in the new season, the combination of matte and glossy varnishes is very fashionable and stylish.

And white manicure, which has already appeared in several famous fashion shows, as well as 3D decorations will also come into fashion.

Shades of red

Also, in the summer season of 2017, the red palette will not be overlooked. Lovers of bright colors will like this trend, all kinds of shades of red will be appropriate in a manicure.

Coral color

Another bright color in the fashionable 2017 spring-summer manicure. Coral varnish can be used to cover the entire surface of the nail plate, and can also be used for negative spase manicure.

White color

In contrast to bright shades in manicure, in the spring and summer of 2017, manicure using white varnish will be very fashionable.
In this case, it is necessary to cover the entire nail plate with a white varnish coating, without using decorations and additional decorative elements.

Dark shades

Another trend in the spring-summer 2017 season is dark shades of varnish in manicure. Just cover your nails with a dark deep color varnish, you don’t need to decorate with anything – you will be in trend anyway.

Whichever fashion trend of manicure you have not chosen, remember that first of all your choice should suit and please you, and not be imposed by someone.