When stars are shown at the most significant social events, everyone closely follows not only their outfits, but also what kind of manicure the celebrities have chosen for a particular occasion. And here there is something to pay attention to: original drawings, bright or, on the contrary, calm tones, stones, etc. The manicure of stars attracts attention not only as a small masterpiece, but also as a source of ideas for decorating nails.

This material features 20 samples of stellar manicure that were presented at various events in 2014. They give a clear idea of ​​what trends are dominating the world. As you can see, the stars give preference to nails of medium length, which are given an oval or rounded shape. As for the color gamut, it is very wide.

At the Kids’ Choice Awards, Lea Michelle wore pale pink marigolds, while Victoria Justice preferred a light mint tone.

As for last year’s Grammy Awards, then, undoubtedly, Rita Ora had the most original manicure.

Bonnie McKee’s nail design did not go unnoticed, who decided to complement the manicure with stones at the very cuticles.

Madonna had a brilliant French manicure, and Paris Hilton chose a sequin manicure that thickly covered the entire nail, and this despite the fact that her dress was all sparkling.

But the most harmonious nail design came from Kelly Osbourne, who chose black for it, which perfectly complemented her dress.

In addition, Kelly was honored at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for her luxurious manicure. The light manicure by Roxy Diaz went well with a pink clutch.

Two nail colors were chosen by Aisha Tyler and Sarah Barey. The first successfully combined the lilac shade with black, and the second added red to the golden tone.

For the Golden Globes, Kerry Washington used a moon-tinted manicure in a nod to contemporary fashion. Monica Potter has been spotted with a shiny ombre manicure.

Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts once again demonstrated their impeccable taste and used a fashionable burgundy shade to emphasize the image.

Leslie Mann perfectly combined black manicure with her look, while Heidi Klum preferred pastel tones.

Well, Jessica Alba, who chose emerald color for her nails, and Jennifer Hudson, with a magnificent sparkling manicure, complete this selection.