The advantage of shellac or gel polish is not only that it looks great on the nails and gives them a pleasant shine, but also that thanks to it the nails are strengthened. At the same time, this varnish also has a noticeable drawback – it is very difficult to remove it. And yet there are ways that help you cope with this task without damaging your nails, even at home.

To remove shellac from nails, you will need the following items and tools: nail polish remover, 10 small squares of foil and 10 cotton pads or balls. A cotton pad or ball should be moistened with nail polish remover and applied to the nail, completely covering its surface. Put a piece of foil on top and wrap your fingertip with it. This should be done with each nail. Wait a few minutes (about 10) for the liquid to work.

Then from each nail you need to remove the foil with a disk or ball in a circular motion. The remaining varnish can be removed with an orange stick. This method works well if the nail coating contains glitter. This varnish also looks great on nails (it is especially suitable for creating an image for holiday events), but it is difficult to remove.

How to quickly remove gel polish

This method is even simpler. In addition to the cotton balls and nail polish remover used in the first case, it is necessary to take also small rubber bands in the form of a ring. Each ball must be divided into 2 halves, so that there are 10. The half of the ball soaked in liquid must be applied to the nail plate. Then the cotton wool must be fixed on the nail with an elastic band and left for a couple of minutes. This method gives excellent results.

How to remove varnish without liquid

The methods discussed used a liquid to remove the varnish. But situations are possible when the varnish needs to be removed, but there was no liquid at hand. But even so, there is a way out. You need to take a regular transparent varnish. It must be applied to the nail and immediately removed with a cotton pad. This will help dissolve the dried varnish and remove it. Glitters are also eliminated in this way. The described procedure must be done with each nail.