Some girls have been doing nail extensions or shellac manicure for quite some time. Without giving the nail plate a short rest, you yourself provoke loss of strength, brittleness and delamination of nails. This happens due to the constant grinding of the nails during building or from the procedure for soaking the gel polish.

To restore the structure of the nail, you will have to make some effort and spend n-th amount of time. Nevertheless, recovery is possible, and with regular procedures, it does not drag on for a long time.


After removing the artificial covering from the surface of the nail plate, you must immediately do a manicure and use strengthening agents.

You can strengthen the marigolds with the help of various baths, which must necessarily include at least one of the following means:

  • sea ​​salt;
  • lemon;
  • iodine;
  • shea butter, ylang ylang, or almond butter.

After steaming the handles well, get rid of the cuticle and shape the nail. For filing marigolds, it is better to use not a classic metal nail file, but a glass one. It has a special coating and low abrasiveness, which prevents unnecessary trauma to the nail.

Masks made from cranberries, viburnum, lingonberries and currants also have firming properties. To prepare them, the fruits are ground and the nails are kept in this mixture for about 10 minutes. After the end of the procedure, we wash our hands in slightly warm water.

Iodine, in addition to being added to the baths, can be used in its pure form. We process the nail plate with a solution and leave it overnight. Do not worry about the appearance, during the night the iodine will be absorbed completely, and in the morning you will not even notice its presence.


Strengthening is an important part of nail care, but you shouldn’t forget about moisturizing. We moisturize the nails with natural plant and essential oils. Mix a teaspoon of sunflower (or better olive) oil with a few drops of essential oil (argan, almond, shea) and rub into the nail plate. In 15 minutes, the mask will be absorbed into the nails so well that you don’t even have to wash your hands.

It is also recommended to rub your hands with the same sunflower or olive oil, put on cotton gloves and go to bed. By the morning, the nails will have received a sufficient amount of moisturizing substances, and the condition of the hands themselves will be simply amazing.

Ready funds

Not all of us use folk remedies. Someone does not perceive them as effective (and, in vain), but someone is simply tortured by laziness. Then ready-made preparations for strengthening and moisturizing come to the rescue. It is better to purchase such funds in a pharmacy network, otherwise the risk of buying a useless product increases significantly.

A wide range of creams, serums and varnishes with strengthening and moisturizing properties are presented. From all the variety of means, try to purchase the products of such companies as TRIND, Eveline, Felicidad, Artdeco. The method of application of a particular product is always indicated on the package, stick to it strictly. Most of these products do not require rinsing.

Salon procedures

Those who can afford regular visits to the salon can take advantage of a variety of professional-grade treatments. One of them is nail sealing. Its essence is that nails are treated with a special composition based on honey and beeswax. As a result, the nail plate is covered with the thinnest film that protects it from all kinds of damage and prevents nail brittleness. The appearance of the hands does not suffer from this at all.

Another effective procedure is paraffin therapy. It also involves rubbing a special product into the nails, but this time on a wax basis. As a result, you will also get a protective and strengthening film, and the nails will look shiny.

Some nail service masters believe that the nail plate can be restored using biogel. It’s a paradox, but it’s true. A thin layer of this gel helps to strengthen the nail and smooth its surface. Full recovery requires up to 4 treatments.