No matter how much you go to the salon, there will come a time when you want to do a manicure yourself. And the point here is not at all about financial difficulties. As a rule, the main inconveniences begin on the way home from the salon, especially in the cold season. What is worth buttoning up your jacket and not ruining the fresh varnish. For those who understand what is at stake, we offer video tutorials on manicure for beginners.

What should be at hand

First of all, these are sharp nail scissors and a nail file. No women’s cosmetic bag should do without them. Try to choose a file of glass or plastic, they hurt nails less.

Metal tweezers are a must for a trim manicure. With their help, we will subsequently remove the cuticle. When buying, be sure to pay attention to what material they are made of. Surgical steel will remain sharp for a long time.

How to choose a tool for manicure and pedicure

Metal spatula we will need to push back the cuticle. Some use an orange stick instead.

We will also need various bath products. Which ones are specific – you decide. These can be various oils, sea salt and much more.

Choose a nail polish remover without acetone. This way we will damage the nail plate less. You can add a little glycerin to a regular liquid containing acetone and save your nails from dehydration.

Cotton pads (balls, just cotton wool) – irreplaceable helpers when removing varnish from the nail plate and around. For more “jewelry” work, you can use cotton swabs. In stores, you can easily find a special correction pencil. It is a pleasure to use it.

We also need cuticle removers, cuticle care oil, hand cream, base base and nail polish fixer.


The bath must be done before the edged manicure. In this case, you will soften the cuticle and can remove it painlessly.

You will find how to make a bath correctly on the vastness of our website.

Cuticle removal

This step always follows the bath while the cuticle is still soft. Move the cuticle aside with a metal spatula or orange stick and begin to cut. In order to cut it off, we use tweezers or curved nail scissors. Remove the remnants of the skin from the surface of the nail plate with a spatula.

In the process of pushing back and cutting, try to be as careful as possible. Otherwise, you can damage the skin or the base of the nail.

If you decide to do an unedged manicure, you will not need scissors or tweezers. We apply a special tool to the cuticle and remove it with a stick.

Shaping the nails

Pick the shape you like best and get down to business.

If the marigolds need to be shortened to a decent length, it is better to do this with scissors. Just cut with one stroke and do it confidently.

After that we level the shape a little with a nail file. In this case, you need to make movements in one direction, otherwise the marigolds will begin to exfoliate.

Make sure all nails are the same length.

Let’s get down to the main thing

The preparatory work is over and we are starting to create beauty on our pens.

First, we apply the base. The base layer strengthens or fortifies the nails (depending on which one you use). In addition, it provides an even coverage.

We start to apply the varnish. It is better to paint the nails of the hand that is leading you first. And that’s why. If you are right-handed, it will be inconvenient to paint your right hand. As a rule, in this case, the layer turns out to be thick, and the color, accordingly, is more saturated. Starting with the dominant hand, you can adjust the layer thickness to the second. Thus, the manicure on both handles will not differ.

It is advisable to start painting your nails from the little finger. In this case, you will not smear the varnish on the rest of the nails.

In conclusion, a fixing layer must be applied to the nails. In this case, the manicure will delight you longer. And don’t forget to apply cream and moisturizing cuticle oil to your hands.

We do a classic manicure

How to paint your nails neatly?