A bright manicure was invented many thousands of years ago, and we can safely say that the design of nails with red color was one of the first to come up with.

But what to say, if the design of nails with red color was popular long before the appearance of the first varnishes. For the first time people began to paint nails in red and black colors either in Ancient Egypt, or in the same ancient China. True, among the ancient Egyptians, green nails were more popular. And about three thousand years ago, Chinese women began to master the art of manicure. And the Chinese too. According to the ancient laws of that time, painting nails in red was allowed (and even supposed) only for the most noble citizens close to the court of the emperor. And it also meant that the lady was not engaged in manual labor …


And this coloring served as an amulet against evil spirits. The rest for such decoration could be traditionally executed in Chinese or simply tortured. And already in our era, the red color on the nails became popular among Egyptians. So, the femme fatale Cleopatra loved crimson and dark cherry colors.

But the Romans used a nail polish made from fat and animal blood. It’s easy to guess what color it was …
Further, interest in the beauty of nails faded away and arose only during the late Renaissance with its luxurious courtesans, who emphasized their passion and temperament in red.

But among Chinese women, the passion for red varnish never went into oblivion: until the Cultural Revolution itself, they grew long nails and painted them in red shades.

In the 1930s, the first nail polishes in the modern sense were invented. But their colors were traditional: red, purple, cherry. In those days, the composition of the varnishes was not like the modern one, the varnish did not last long, but still …

Real nail polish in the modern sense appeared only in the mid-1930s through the efforts of Charles Revson, the director and founder of the Revlon company. Yes, it was a leave-in and water-insoluble nail polish. True, he had an unstable structure, he stayed on the nails for only a couple of days, and the choice of colors was small (only six shades). Exhausted by the global crisis, American women accepted the new product with great joy. Needless to say, the first shades of the varnish were red? But in this case, the box opened simply: the crisis was not over yet, and red pigments were the cheapest.

Fashionable red manicure

Today, red lacquer is an immortal classic, so you can always beat it. For example, combining with another classic – a jacket.
This one will look more extravagant, but bright. French can be either straight or arched, you can paint only the corners of the nail, etc.

A black and red jacket is also performed: a natural pink shade on the nail plate and red at the tips, and a thin black stripe is drawn along the smile line (see figure)

And on long or extended nails, you can make a red jacket with a pattern. In addition to red polish, he will need a white nail pen, nail tweezers, a nail needle and gold dollar stickers.

We carry out a regular manicure and cover the nails with a base.

We paint the tip of the nail with bright red varnish, not forgetting about stencils for a jacket.
When everything is dry, we take up a white pen for nails: with it we draw white dots on the red tip – 3-4 pieces at the smile line.

We do not let them dry and draw silver dots: also at the smile line and also 3-4 pieces.
We do not let him dry, we immediately arm ourselves with a manicure needle and draw a thin and smooth line with it from one white point to another. We do the same with silver dots (see photo).

Red jacket with a pattern

When everything dries up, the finest hour of tweezers and jewelry comes. On the unpainted part of the nail, top right and bottom left, put a small drop of glue. Using tweezers, a dollar symbol is placed on it.

When everything is dry, we cover it with colorless varnish. Bright red manicure is ready!

A jacket with a straight line of a smile, black with red tips, will also turn out to be very effective. Here, even stencils are not needed – just separate the nail with tape. By the way, the classic manicure of the 30-40s with red varnish was moonlit – the hole was not painted over in order to save varnish.

A little later, the pin-up style came into fashion, which can also be reproduced using a manicure with red varnish. In order to match the style, it is enough to apply perfectly even white dots with a dotter or nail pen on red nails.

In order for the red varnish to lay on the nails perfectly, first, the excess is removed from the brush, and then a drop is applied to the middle of the nail, which must be gently smeared all over the nail. By the way, the edges of the nail also do not have to be painted over: this way you do not have to wash the varnish from the skin and the nail roller.