Growing up children, and especially girls, begin to pay close attention to their appearance. They want to look as elegant as adults. Daughters begin to show interest in their mother’s cosmetic bag almost from infancy. What can you do – women probably have it in their blood. Parents like no other should help their child develop a sense of taste and learn to distinguish between true beauty and youth-inspired beauty.

At school, you need to follow certain rules of decency; it is undesirable to wear skirts that are too short and do catchy makeup and manicure there. But this does not mean at all that you need to deny the child the desire to look beautiful. Teach your daughter to wear light, everyday makeup that will accentuate the benefits of her face without making her look vulgar. The same shakes and manicure. It is better to allow the child to nail the nails with varnish of a discreet pastel shade than she will do it somewhere in the entrance, and in a much bolder color.

Basic principles of manicure for school

Any adult understands that within the walls of a school, a child must first of all look neat and decent. No daring experiments, leave them for the disco.

This approach should be applied not only to clothing, but also to manicure. The neatness of the nails depends on their length and shape, so the average length of the nails is preferable. As for the shape, it is better to give preference to the rounded one.

You need to paint your nails in soft pastel colors, it is better to give preference to pink, peach and beige. It is desirable that the varnish is matte and does not contain all kinds of glitter.

Another rule of school manicure is that it must take into account the age of its owner. Bright and overly voluminous drawings will be inappropriate. Ambiguous images should also be avoided.

Teach your daughter to stick to a certain style. Everyone knows that teenagers prefer everything flashy and extravagant, which sometimes looks completely tasteless. You need to be able to explain to the child that you can distinguish yourself not only with an aggressive color scheme, but also with classic elegance. Long nails of a bright red color are for a disco, and at school you need to be a lady to the tips of your nails.

To summarize, we can recommend the classics of French manicure to teenagers. We have said more than once that he is always in trend. The first time you can spend money on a salon, and later your child will be able to do it on their own or with your help.

Step-by-step manicure for school

As always, the first stage is preparatory. We teach our daughter to make strengthening baths with sea salt or various herbal decoctions. After the water procedure, dry your hands with a towel.

If the cuticle has grown slightly, it is better not to touch it at all, otherwise you can get an infection. In the event that the skin has grown significantly and the nails look sloppy, teach your child the basics of European manicure. Get your child her personal nail polish, including cuticle removers.

Degrease the nails with nail polish remover and cover the free edge of each nail with white varnish. After it dries, we take a white transparent or translucent varnish and cover the entire surface of the nail plate with it. We cover everything with a special fixative and dry well.

You have received a classic French manicure. If the child really wants something more, allow me to apply small drawings or use special stickers.

It is advisable not to play with nail designs too often. You will carry out any experiments with appearance later. In the meantime, the restrained style will suit the child more.