Staleks is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of manicure and pedicure tools that is not inferior to imported counterparts. The company entered the market 16 years ago and by now has gained quite a lot of popularity due to the high quality of its products. Staleks is aimed not only at professionals in the field of manicure, the tool is also produced for home use.

The company’s instruments are made of surgical steel, which can withstand any disinfection methods without losing its qualities. All tools included in the manicure sets are hand-sharpened, which is an additional guarantee of its reliability and durability.

A standard set for manicure includes:

  • burr and nail clippers;
  • nail scissors;
  • manicure spatula;
  • a nail file;
  • tweezers.

The assortment of Staleks is quite wide, and customers are offered not only standard equipment, but also sets for different purposes and occasions: on the road, professional level for nail service masters, as a gift, etc.

Today we will consider the main advantages of Stalex manicure sets, and, of course, you should start with the cover.

Covers Staleks

You can choose the shape of the case to your taste: from classic to heart or wallet. The colors are also varied: from the same strict classics to bright ones with floral prints.

Regardless of the shape and color, all cases are made of genuine leather. High quality textiles (fleece) are used as interior upholstery. All seams are made by hand.

The base of the case is a rigid metal frame that prevents loss of shape and reliably protects your tools on the go.
The fasteners are strong and hold the tool well, some fasteners are equipped with clasps.

All Stalex cases, despite their considerable capacity, are compact enough and do not take up much space. If you purchase the set as a gift, you will be offered a gift wrap with a branded logo.


The sets of nippers are presented in two versions – for nails and cuticles. They differ in the length and size of the angle of the cutting part.

Burr nippers perfectly trim cuticles and burrs. Thanks to the high-quality double-sided sharpening, they do not tear or pull on the skin. The swivel joint ensures a smooth stroke and no galling of the tool. They do not slip in the hands.

Nail clippers are used to shape the nails into the desired shape. The blade is longer than that of cuticle nippers. The high sharpness of the cutting part does an excellent job even with very dense and hard nails. In addition, these clippers are used in pedicure procedures to remove rough skin.

Nail scissors

The cutting parts of the scissors included in the set are protected by a special silicone cap. It is doubly pleasant that this is not a piece of a plastic tube that is familiar to many, but a cap.

The blades of Staleks manicure scissors are narrower and longer compared to ordinary scissors, which you can buy at the first store you come across. They are sharpened in the same way as nippers, and therefore cut off excess skin perfectly, without creating uneven edges or other errors. The tips of the scissors are correctly curved and fit snugly together.

Sharpening features eliminate the chance of chewing on cut skin and keep the blades sharp for a long time. Additional sharpening may be needed no earlier than after 3 years.


This tool is a double-sided manicure spatula that is used to clean the cuticle. On the one hand, it is rounded and flat, on the other, the cutting part.

The flat side of the manicure spatula is used to push back the cuticle. Due to its small thickness, it fits snugly to the nail and perfectly cleans the adherent skin. The rounded edge does not scratch the nail.

The sharp cutting side is hand-sharpened, which eliminates roughness or imperfections. With a sufficiently high sharpness, the cutting part does not scratch the nail plate.

The raised round handle is non-slip in the hand.

The service life of the tool is practically unlimited, provided that it is used exclusively for its intended purpose.

Nail file

Staleks nail files are made of glass. This is exactly the material that has recently been advertised as the best for nail files. Indeed, glass nail files are less traumatic for nails and do not cause delamination.

The surface of the Staleks file is rough. The spray is very fine and evenly applied without protruding parts. With an almost smooth surface, such files have high abrasive properties, a small length can be removed in two movements.

The Staleks file does not delaminate the edges of the nail plate, but, on the contrary, polishes them well. Convenient at work.

The files are quite miniature in size, but they are able to help out their mistress in any unexpected situation.


Since we focus on manicure, this tool is the most uninteresting for us. Nevertheless, the instrument, like all the others, is executed with high quality. Tight-fitting edges, catching even the shortest hairs.

The handle is embossed, which is very important when working – the tool does not slip, it is comfortable to hold it in your hand.

Staleks manicure sets can be purchased throughout Russia and in the CIS countries. There is a possibility of ordering in the online store, where you will find photos and detailed descriptions of each element of the set.

Staleks provides its clients with the right to choose, which is very rare. You can replace any tool in the set with another that you need more. You can just leave the cover and “fill” it to your liking.