A wedding is one of those events when you want to look your best. Or even 1000. Manicure is given special attention on this day. You can easily find a photo of a wedding nail design on our page.

French manicure for a wedding

Classics will never go out of style, and a French manicure with a white jacket is perfect for a bride’s outfit. But for such a case, you need to add something original to the classic look. For example, lace. Lace pieces are applied to the nail with a slight approach to the area of ​​the jacket. Put a layer of clear varnish or gel on top.

You can not only put lace under the top layer, but also draw it. Ideal for this is acrylic paint in white, pastel or black.

You can use other patterns in the design. If done with white acrylic paint, it will be a wonderful addition to a white jacket. The drawing can be done in the form of various curls. Place a rhinestone in the circle of each curl. It will turn out naturally and original.

Rhinestones can be used to decorate not only a curl pattern, but also an ordinary classic French manicure. Rhinestones are laid out on a strip of French, vertically along the edge of the nail, in the form of hearts. What else is enough for your imagination?

A common version of wedding nail designs is heart-shaped drawings. They are usually painted with white or red paint. Also consider a wedding moon manicure that uses exclusively white paint for decoration.

Monotone coverage

Such a coating will never go out of style. Recently, many celebrities have seen just a modest monochromatic manicure.

But we have a wedding. And we will be overly modest after it, and not now. Therefore, we boldly add rhinestones to monophonic marigolds. They can be laid out in the form of a strip along the contour of the pillow. It turns out that we have separated the jacket, but it is the same color as the main nail. As an option – a jacket made of rhinestones. By the way, the jacket can be laid out not only with rhinestones, but also with sparkles or foil.

The monotonous design also goes well with lace. White lace on the nails of a light beige color will look especially great.

Monochrome coating can be successfully combined with drawings. Take note of the designs in the form of the same lace or cobweb. If you want something completely original, you can draw a bouquet or a bow. Moreover, the drawing can be either just white or multi-colored. In any case, it will look exclusive. It is not necessary to make all marigolds the same. You can be creative and highlight one nail with decorations, and leave the rest solid.

You can also draw thin lines of different colors. They should be drawn from the corner of the nail to the opposite side. You will choose the slope yourself, but it is advisable to make the lines themselves curved. An excellent solution is the lines made with sequins or lined with rhinestones.

It is not necessary to stick to white or pastel colors for wedding nail art. The main thing is that this drawing fits well into the general image of the bride and does not look like something separate from everything else. If the bride has short nails, it is advisable to use light coffee and white tones when designing nails.

Acrylic nails

Some brides, whose nails do not differ in a decent length, prefer to do nail extensions on the eve of the holiday.

This is definitely a way out. Moreover, such nails will definitely last until the end of all events, will not break and will not lose a single design element.

You can decorate extended nails in the same way as your own. All the ideas listed above are relevant here as well.

The only caveat is addiction. You need to get used to any length of marigolds. Therefore, if you are already thinking about building, it is better to do it in about a month. During this time, you will easily learn how to manage the new length of nails, and the day before the celebration, we make corrections with a well-thought-out design.

By the way, consider the option of a volumetric wedding design. In this case, the flowers are formed from the gel and look amazing.